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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Tattoos Don't Have to Hurt As Much! "It didn't even hurt when I got my tattoo. In fact, I fell asleep." - Some Lying Tatted Guy

If you have tattoos chances are that at some point in your life, someone wanted to brag to you about their tattoos and how it didn’t even hurt when they got ’em. Nice try bruh, we know the truth — tattoos hurt. But that’s part of the rite of passage, the ritual.

Or at least, it was. There are some cool products out there on the market now that are over-the-counter and cut down that initial pain dramatically. The big one right now is Hush which creates an anesthetic gel and foam; both of which are designed to cut down the pain of getting tattooed. The gel, which you apply up to an hour before your tattoo appointment, is the most popular option to help cut down on the ouch factor. The foaming soap is used during and after the tattoo to keep things clean in addition to reducing the sting.

Will these products take the pain down to zero? No, as far as we know, nothing can do that. It should also be noted that since everyone has different levels of pain tolerances and metabolisms, these products may work to different degrees for each individual. Across the board, though, we can tell you that everyone who has used the gel or foam says that it definitely does reduce the pain.

But then again, no pain, no gain, right?


Hush anesthetic Gels and Foaming Soaps are available on our online store or at the Parlor! Thank you for letting the Inkeeper’s be part of your story.

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