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Updated: Mar 27

Forget all that pandemic stuff – the only fever we have is Cabin-Fever. We’ve always been a crew who loves to grind; Work, play, art, whatever, we just can’t sit still and the moment this quarantine is over … well, let’s just say we’re ready to get back at it.

During this, we’re decking the Inkeeper’s Parlor out — remodeling, fresh paint, squeaky boards unsqueakafied, new gear, new merch; everything’s getting dialed up a few notches.

In the meantime, we haven’t forgotten our friends either! We have promotions running on our website ( If your previously scheduled tattoo was impacted by the current situation, we’ll make sure you get rescheduled asap (just get a hold of us if you haven’t already), and don’t hesitate about scheduling a new tattoo either. We’ve got an amazing crew and as soon as we’re allowed, these doors are open for business! Let’s do this!

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